His Story:

The Musical

Broadway Tent at Grandscape

Dallas, TX

Previews Began: May 5, 2023

Opening Night: May 18, 2023

Closing Night: June 18, 2023

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Music: Anna Miriam Brown

Lyrics: Anna Miriam Brown

Book: Anna Miriam Brown

In the contemporary pop musical based on the life of Jesus, a common man arrives in the big city and defies expectations. He performs miracles and speaks great wisdom, but hangs out in the wrong part of town. Mocked by the establishment, he is adored by the people.


Was the Word
Hey It’s Me
From the Moment
My Name Is Jesus
40 Days
The Easy Way
Do My Eyes Deceive Me?
The Reason I Came
He Cares for You
Miss Magdalene
One Step at a Time
We Trust
The Greatest

I Never Knew You
Who I Am
The Last Supper
What Am I Supposed to Say?
Never Gonna Let Go
Lost Cause
Look at That
See You in Eternity
Do My Eyes Deceive Me? (Reprise)
It’s Started


Max Kuenzer                                                                     Jesus
Lily Gast                                                        Mary Magdeline
Richard Chaz Gomez                                                       Judas
Jataria Heyward                                                Mother Mary
Logan Dolence                                                              Joseph
Casey Lamont                                                                Lucifer
Carlos Gutierrez                                                           Gabriel
Bryan Munar                                                                    Peter
Camden Deal                                                                    Leper
Justin Taylor                                                              Matthew
Caleb Bermejo                                                 Pontius Pilate
Mat Blasio                                                               Nicodemus
Courtney Blanc                                                          Caiaphus

Understudies: Ja’Naye Flanagan, Lia Karagianopoulos, Abby Murphy, Audrey Lee, Gigi Hausman, Nicholas Haas, Mark Quach

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