The Mertz Theatre

Sarasota, FL

Previews Began: June 3, 2022

Opening Night: June 11, 2022

Closing Night: June 26, 2022

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Music: Lewis Flinn

Lyrics: Lewis Flinn

Book: Douglas Carter Beane

The world’s sexiest thief. A pair of history’s greatest lovers. The Merry Band that made redistributing wealth cool. Here, finally, is the real story of the nobleman forced out of his home and into the wilderness, who seeks revenge not only for himself but against an unjust system. And as he sets out on a mission to rescue the damsel he left behind, he discovers that this particular damsel doesn’t need any rescuing.

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Billie Aken-Tyers                                                              Much
Anthony Chatmon II                                                       Robin
Caitlin Humphreys                                                 Lady Anne
Savy Jackson                                                                 Marian
Erin Kei                                                                      Lady Jane
Aury Krebs                                                                           Meg
Daniel Lopez                                                         Troubadour
Jamen Nanthakumar                                                       Tuck
Luke Anthony Neville                                        Will Scarlett
Nick Rehberger                                 Sheriff of Nottingham
Zachary Francis Stewart                                       Little John
Imani Youngblood                                             Gamble Gold

Understudies: Jordan Sam Rich (Will Scarlet), Mikhail Roberts (Friar Tuck), Darius Vines (Robin, Little John), Danielle Vivcharenko (Lady Ann/Lady Jane), Taylor Erin Wade (Much, Gamble Gold)

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