I Wanna F*ck like Romeo and Juliet

59E59 Theaters

Theater C

Previews Began: October 20, 2022

Opening Night: October 26, 2022

Closing Night: November 5, 2022

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Playwright: Andrew Rincón

Snow in July, comets falling from the sky… the world is thrown into chaos as Cupid rips off her wings and gives up on Love. But her old flame Saint Valentine has a plan to bring her spirit back up; and it involves reigniting the flame between two men, Alejandro and Benny.


Juan Arturo                                                              Alejandro
Greg Cuellar                                                              Valentine
Jacqueline Guillen                                                          Cupid
Ashton Muñiz                                                   Benny Randle
Elizabeth Ramos                                                                Bett

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