Imaginary Friends

Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Previews Began: November 25, 2002

Opening Night: December 12, 2002

Closing Night: February 16, 2003

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Music: Marvin Hamlisch

Lyrics: Craig Carnelia

Book: Nora Ephron

Novelist Mary McCarthy’s notorious statement on the Dick Cavett Show calling playwright Lillian Hellman a liar exploded into one of the most famous of all literary feuds. This surreal farce portrays these two literary lionesses battling it out in hell. It chronicles a compelling story of two women shaped by their different but equally unsettled childhoods, their looks (one was a beauty, one was not) and the men in their lives while it brilliantly examines to great comic effect the concept of truth in fiction: Who can you believe? Interspersed throughout are witty songs that enable the ensemble to comment on the action.


Cherry Jones                                       Mary McCarthy
Swoosie Kurtz                                      Lillian Hellman
Harry Groener                                                The Man
Anne Pitoniak                                                A Woman
Anne Allgood                                             Abby Kaiser
Bernard Dotson                                                       Leo
Rosena M. Hill                                         Mrs. Stillman
Gina Lamparella                                  Beguine Dancer
Dirk Lumbard                                                         Fact
Peter Marx                                                         Fiction
Perry Ojeda                                                             Vic
Karyn Quackenbush                                             Fizzy

Swings: Jim Osorno, Melanie Vaughan

Standby: Anne Allgood (A Woman), Dirk Lumbard (The Man) Susan Pellegrino (Lillian Hellman, Mary McCarthy)

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