Inner City

Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Previews Began: November 29, 1971

Opening Night: December 19, 1971

Closing Night: March 11, 1972

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Music: Helen Miller

Lyrics: Eve Merriam

Concept: Tom O'Horgan

A series of nursery-rhyme parodies highlighting the diminishing quality of life in the center of America’s cities are presented in song.

Musical Numbers

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Now I Lay Me
I Had a Little Teevee
Hushabye Baby
My Mother Said
Diddle Diddle Dumpling
Rub a Dub Dub
You’ll Find Mice
Ding Dong Bell
The Brave Old City of New York
Urban Renewal
The Nub of the Nation
Mary, Mary
City Life
One Misty Moisty Morning
Jack Be Nimble
If Wishes Were Horses
One Man
Deep in the Night
Twelve Rooftops Leaping
Take-a-Tour Congressman
Simple Simon
Poverty Program
One, Two
Tom, Tom
Hickety, Pickety
Half Alice
This Is the Way We Go To School
The Spirit of Education
Little Jack Horner
Subway Dream
Christmas is Coming
I’m Sorry Says the Machine
Jeremiah Obadiah
Riddle Song
Shadow of the Sun

Boys and Girls Come Out to Play
Summer Nights
Lucy Locket
Winter Nights
The Hooker
Wino Will
Man in the Doorway
Starlight Starbright
The Cow Jumped Over the Moon
The Dealer
The Pickpocket
Law and Order
As I Went Over
There Was a Little Man
Who Killed Nobody
It’s My Belief
Street Sermon
The Great If
On This Rock
The Great If (Reprise)


Joy Garrett                                                    Performer
Carl Hall                                                        Performer
Delores Hall                                                  Performer
Fluffer Hirsch                                               Performer
Linda Hopkins                                               Performer
Paulette Ellen Jones                                     Performer
Larry Marshall                                              Performer
Allan Nicholls                                                Performer
Florence Tarlow                                            Performer

Gretel Cummings                                         Performer

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