Is He Dead?

Lyceum Theatre

Previews Began: November 8, 2007

Opening Night: December 9, 2007

Closing Night: March 9, 2008

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Playwright: Mark Twain

Adaptation: David Ives

Inspired by the posthumous bidding war that broke out between the United States and France over Jean-Francois Millet’s painting “The Angelus,” a fast-paced comedy about a group of poor artists who stage the death of their mentor to drive up the price of his paintings. In order for the scheme to succeed, the artists hatch various hilarious plots involving cross-dressing, a full-scale fake funeral, lovers’ deceptions and much more.


Norbert Leo Butz                                 Jean-François Millet
                                                                    Widow Daisy Tillou
Jenn Gambatese                                               Marie Leroux
Michael McGrath                               Agamemnon Buckner
Bridget Regan                                                   Cecile Leroux
Tom Alan Robbins                                   Hans von Bismarck
Byron Jennings                                                Bastien André
John McMartin                                                   Papa Leroux
Jeremy Bobb                                    Phelim O’Shaughnessy
Marylouise Burke                                          Madame Caron
Patricia Conolly                                        Madame Bathilde
David Pittu                                                           Basil Thorpe
                                                                            Claude Rivière
                                                                    The King of France

Understudies: Sheffield Chastain (Jean-François Millet/Agamemnon Buckne/Phelim O’Shaughnessy/Basil Thorpe), Wilbur Edwin Henry (Papa Leroux/Bastien André/Hans von Bismarck), Liv Rooth (Marie Leroux/Cecile Leroux), Peggy J. Scott (Madame Caron/Madame Bathilde)

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