Is There Life After High School?

Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Previews Began: March 26, 1982

Opening Night: May 7, 1982

Closing Night: May 16, 1982

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Music: Craig Carnelia

Lyrics: Craig Carnelia

Book: Jeffrey Kindley

A group of former high school students remember the joy and angst of those years at a reunion.

Musical Numbers

The Kid Inside
Things I Learned in High School
Second ThoughtsNothing Really Happened
For Them
Diary of a Homecoming Queen

Thousands of Trumpets
High School All Over Again
Fran and Janie
I’m Glad You Didn’t Know Me


Raymond Baker                                            Performer
Cynthia Carle                                               Performer
Alma Cuervo                                                 Performer
Sandy Faison                                                Performer
Harry Groener                                              Performer
Philip Hoffman                                             Performer
David Patrick Kelly                                      Performer
Maureen Silliman                                         Performer
James Widdoes                                             Performer

Understudies: Scott Bakula, Alexandra Korey, Marcus Olson, Lauren White

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