Jerry Springer: The Opera

Pershing Square Signature Center

The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre

Previews Began: January 23, 2018

Opening Night: February 22, 2018

Closing Night: April 1, 2018

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Music: Richard Thomas

Lyrics: Stewart Lee

Richard Thomas

Book: Stewart Lee

Richard Thomas

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! It’s “The Jerry Springer Show” as you’ve never seen it before, with passionate arias, soaring ballads, and giant production numbers. While the studio audience cheers, a parade of bickering guests fight and curse, until violence breaks out and Jerry must face his trickiest guest ever, the devil himself. Deeply in tune with the chaos and unrestrained id of our times, Jerry Springer – The Opera, a gleefully profane musical, is an outrageous celebration of our national ritual of public humiliation and redemption.

Musical Numbers

Audience Very Plainsong
Ladies and Gentlemen
Have Yourselves a Good Time
Bigger than Oprah Winfrey
Foursome Guests
I’ve Been Seeing Someone Else
Chick With a Dick
Talk to the Hand
Adverts 1
Intro to Diaper Man
Diaper Man
Montel Cums Dirty
This is my Jerry Springer Moment
Mama Gimmee Smack on the Asshole
I Wanna Sing Something Beautiful
Adverts 2
The First Time I Saw Jerry
Backstage Scene
I Just Wanna Dance
It Has No Name
Some are Descended from Angels
Klan Entrance/End of Act One

Gloomy Nurses
Purgatory Dawning
Eat Excrete
The Haunting
Him Am the Devil
Every Last Mother Fucker Should Go Down
Grilled and Roasted
Transition Music
Once in Happy Realms of Light
Fuck You Talk
Satan and Jesus Spat
Adam and Eve and Mary
Where Were You?
Behold God
It Ain’t Easy Being Me
Marriage of Heaven and Hell
This is my Cheesey Jerry Springer Moment
Jerry it is Finished
Jerry Eleison
Please Don’t Die
Take Care
Martin’s Richard-Esque Finale de Grand Fromage
Play Out


Jennifer Allen                                                       Irene
Florrie Bagel                                                    Peaches
Brandon Contreras                                       Ensemble
Sean Patrick Doyle                                         Tremont
                                                                Angel Gabriel
Brad Greer                                                    Ensemble
Luke Grooms                                                     Dwight
Nathaniel Hackmann                                        Chucky
Billy Hepfinger                                                     Steve
Justin Keyes                                                      Montel
Beth Kirkpatrick                                                Zandra
Elizabeth Loyacano                                           Andrea
                                                               Angel Michael
Terrence Mann                                      Jerry Springer
Tiffany Mann                                                  Shawntel
Jill Paice                                                        Baby Jane
Kim Steele                                                       Valkyrie
Will Swenson                                       Warm-Up Man
Nichole Turner                                             Ensemble