The Public Theatre

LuEsther Hall

Previews Began: April 11, 2024

Opening Night: April 24, 2024

Closing Night: May 12, 2024

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Playwright: Ife Olujobi

At an overwhelmingly white workplace where appearance is everything, a long-suffering receptionist finds herself in personal, professional, and psychic jeopardy when her ruthless boss hires a hip new employee in an effort to improve the company’s image and “culture.” Suddenly, the two young, Black social climbers are forced together and torn apart by their race, ambition, and otherworldly circumstance.


Brontë England-Nelson                                                Emma
Naomi Lorrain                                                               Jordan
Brian Muller                                                                Fletcher
Toby Onwumere                                                        1.Jordan
Matthew Russell                                                         Fletcher
Ryan Spahn                                                                        Ryan
Meg Steedle                                                                  Maggie
Kate Walsh                                                                      Hailey

Understudies: Quinn M. Johnson, Devin Kessler, and Kai Tshikosi

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