The Musical

The Elizabeth Ross Johnson Theater

New Brunswick, NJ

Previews Began: December 7, 2022

Opening Night: December 16, 2022

Closing Night: December 30, 2022

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Music: AnnMarie Milazzo

Lyrics: AnnMarie Milazzo

Book: Ken Davenport

A heartwarming and powerful biographical musical based on the life of Joy Mangano—the entrepreneur, inventor, best-selling author, and self-made millionaire whose journey epitomizes the real American Dream. This uplifting true story is about one woman’s triumphant climb, from divorce to single motherhood and bankruptcy, to becoming a wildly successful dynamo that all started with the invention of a mop – her Miracle Mop!

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Erika Henningsen                                             Joy Mangano

More Casting to Be Announced

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