Kiss My Aztec

Mandell Weiss Theatre

La Jolla, CA

Previews Began: September 3, 2019

Opening Night: September 10, 2019

Closing Night: October 12, 2019

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Music: Benjamin Velez

Lyrics: David Kamp

John Leguizamo

Benjamin Velez

Book: John Leguizamo

Tony Taccone

In the 16th century, a group of ragtag Aztecs are leading the resistance against the Spanish. Led by a fierce female warrior and a not-so-fierce clown, they mount a scrappy attack — and somehow get entangled with a foppish French “fixer,” the over-heated daughter of the Viceroy and the wannabe pop star nephew of the king of Spain. Will our heroes win the day?


White People on Boats
Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do
No One Compareth to the Spanish
Punk-Ass Geek-A
Make the Impossible Possible
Cave Rap
Everybody Needeth a Fixer
Tango in the Closet
Shit’s About to Go Down

Dark Meat
Spooneth Me
Impossible Blues
New Girl, New World
Puppetry Slam
Chained Melody
The Battle


Angelica Beliard                                                      Ensemble
Chad Carstarphen                                        El Jaguar Negro
KC de la Cruz                                                             Ensemble
Zachary Infante                                                        Fernando
Yani Marin                                                               Colombina
Jesús E. Martínez                                          Captain Soldier
Maria-Christina Oliveras                                             Tolima
Joél Pérez                                                                           Pepe
Al Rodrigo                                                                     Rodrigo
Desireé Rodriguez                                                            Pilar
Richard Henry Ruiz                                          Pierre Pierrot

Swings: Julio Catano-Yee, Tamara Rodriguez