Mertz Theatre

Sarasota, FL

Previews Began: April 15, 2022

Opening Night: April 23, 2022

Closing Night: May 11, 2022

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Music: Stephen Flaherty

Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens 

Book: Frank Galati

Based on James Agee’s autobiographical, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Death in the Family, the story begins as Agee struggles to write his greatest work—about the event that touched his young life and the effect it had on his mother, his town, and his own future.

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Sarah Aili                                                               Sally
Natalie Venetia Belcon                                        Jessie
Jack Casey                                                           Rufus
Jason Danieley                                                   Author
                                                                    James Agee
Dwelvan David                                       The Ferryman
                                                               Doctor Dekalb
Hannah Elless                                             Mary Follet
Ellen Harvey                                 Aunt Hannah Lynch
Barbara Marineau                                         Catherine
Paul Alexander Nolan                                    Jay Follet
William Parry                                                          Joel
Nathan Saslstone                                             Andrew
Abigail Stephenson                                          Victoria
Joel Waggoner                                           Ralph Follet
Scott Wakfield                                  Man at the Scene

Swings: Alan Chandler, Sade Crosby, Ian Johnston, Patricia M. Lawrence, Sharon Pearlman

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