La Lucha

Joan and Irwin Jacobs Building

San Diego, CA

Previews Began: April 27, 2023

Opening Night: May 11, 2023

Closing Night: June 4, 2023

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Concept: David Israel Reynoso

Dive into the world of Lucha Libre with all the wrestling thrills and backstage secrets of the world of professional mask-wearing and high-flying Mexican wrestlers. Audiences will find themselves either in the middle of the action or ringside cheering on the heroes and villains.


Leo Aldair Huerta
Angela Allen
Natasha Baenisch
Brittany Carrillo
Karina Vanessa Flores Cabrera
Russell Clements
America Covarrubias
Fredy Gomez Cruz
Sofia D’Alessio
Elias Enguancho
Serina Estrada
Annalia Galvan
Lu Garcia
Shellina Hefner
Mykaila Istvanyi
Eliana Krasner
Giancarlo Lugo
Valentine Marie
Jillian Mayer
Erica Cherisse Mejos
Jonathan Michel
Kevin Quezada
S. Rii
Analia Romero
Leobardo Rubio
Lorena Santana
Caleb Thomas
Valeria Vega
Frida Villeda

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