Lend Me A Soprano

Alley Theatre

Houston, TX

Previews Began: September 16, 2022

Opening Night: September 21, 2022

Closing Night: October 9, 2022

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Playwright: Ken Ludwig

A heartbroken man never leaves his apartment, finding his only solace in the music on the radio. Then a couple moves in next door.  Eavesdropping becomes his new entertainment – and his new obsession.  Soon he finds himself drawn into a web of love, lies, deceit, and danger.


Ellen Harvey                                                            Mrs. Wylie
Mia Pinero                                                                              Jo
Alexandra Silber                                                Elena Firenzi
Brandon Hearnsberger                                                  Jerry
Orlando Arriaga                                                        Pasquale
Skyler Sinclair                                                               Beverly
Steven Good                                                                         Leo
Susan Koozin                                                                      Julia

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