Lend Me A Tenor

Royale Theatre

Previews Began: February 17, 1989

Opening Night: March 2, 1989

Closing Night: April 22, 1990

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Playwright: Ken Ludwig

World-renowned tenor Tito Merelli has signed on to play Otello at a Cleveland opera company in the fall of 1934. He arrives late and, through a set of crazy circumstances, passes out after mixing wine with a huge dose of tranquilizers. Believing that the divo is dead, the excitable opera manager taps his hapless assistant, an aspiring singer named Max, to suit up as the Moor and replace Merelli. Meanwhile, the tenor’s jealous wife, his ambitious female co-star, Max’s young girlfriend and the flirtatious head of the opera guild are on the scene fighting—sometimes literally—for the star’s attention.


Philip Bosco                                                               Saunders
Jane Connell                                                                      Julia
Tovah Feldshuh                                                               Maria
Victor Garber                                                                      Max
Ron Holgate                                                          Tito Merelli
Jeff Brooks                                                                   Bellhop
David Cryer                                                 Radio Announcer
Caroline Lagerfelt                                                          Diana
J. Smith-Cameron                                                        Maggie

Understudies: Jane Cronin (Maria/Julia), Eileen Dunn (Diana/Maggie), Michael Waldron (Max/Bellhop)

Chris Callen                                                                      Maria
Wendy Makkena                                                          Maggie
Patrick Quinn                                                                      Max
Jane Summerhays                                                          Diana


2010 Broadway

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