Little Miss Sunshine

Second Stage Theatre

Previews Began: October 15, 2013

Opening Night: November 14, 2013

Closing Night: December 15, 2013

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Music: William Finn

Lyrics: William Finn

Book: James Lapine

The Hoover family has seen better days. Richard, the father, is a floundering motivational speaker, Grandpa’s been kicked out of his retirement home and Uncle Frank’s been dumped by his boyfriend. Moody teenager, Dwayne, has taken a vow of silence, and overextended mom, Sheryl, can do little more than slap on a smile. But, when the youngest Hoover… energetic Olive, enters a regional children’s beauty pageant, the family thinks that their luck could change and embarks on a cross-country trek, chasing the coveted title of “Little Miss Sunshine.”

 The Way of the World
For the First Time in My Life
The Happiest Guy in the Van
Pushing the Bus
Always Make Me Proud
Poor Olive
How Have I Been?
Motel Sequence (Part 1)
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Motel Sequence (Part 2)
Something Better Better Happen
Nothing Gets in the Way
Something Better (Reprise)
What You Left Behind
Little Miss Sunshine Pageant Theme
The Way of the World (Reprise)
Shake Your Badonkadonk


Stephanie J. Block                                               Sheryl
Alivia Clark                                               Pageant Girl
Victoria Dennis                                         Pageant Girl
Josh Lamon                                                           Larry
Miranda McKeon                                      Pageant Girl
Hannah Rose Nordberg                                        Olive
Rory O’Malley                                                      Frank
David Rasche                                                  Grandpa
Logan Rowland                                                 Dwayne
Jennifer Sanchez                                                  Linda
                                                              Miss California
Leonay Shepherd                                      Pageant Girl
Will Swenson                                                    Richard
Wesley Taylor                                                        Josh

Understudies: Victoria Dennis (Olive, Girls), Will Erat (Richard, Grandpa, Frank, Larry, Buddy), Dee Roscioli (Sheryl, Linda, Miss California), Jackson Tanner (Josh, Kirby, Dwayne)

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