Love Letters

Brooks Atkinson Theatre

Previews Began: September 13, 2014

Opening Night: September 18, 2014

Closing Night: December 14, 2014

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Playwright: A.R. Gurney

Andrew and Melissa, both born into wealth and position, begin their correspondence in childhood with birthday party thank-you notes. Their letters continue through their boarding school and college years while they are romantically attached and later through their individual marriages and careers.


Brian Dennehy                         Andrew Makepiece Ladd III
Mia Farrow                                                    Melissa Gardner

Standby: Maureen Anderman (Melissa Gardner), Steve Vinovich (Andrew Makepiece Ladd III)

Alan Alda                                   Andrew Makepiece Ladd III
                                                             11/9/2014 – 12/14/2014

Candice Bergen                                            Melissa Gardner
                                                             11/9/2014 – 12/14/2014

Carol Burnett                                               Melissa Gardner
                                                             10/11/2014 – 11/8/2014


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