Millennials Are Killing Musicals

Theatre 71

Previews Began: May 7, 2023

Opening Night: May 15, 2023

Closing Night: May 28, 2023

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Music: Nico Juber

Lyrics: Nico Juber

Book: Nico Juber

Brenda, a millennial and single mom who wants to become better at “adulting” as she compares herself to a mom of her daughter’s classmate, Jake, when her younger sister, Katrina, a social media influencer, turns up on her doorstep pregnant and unprepared to be a mom. The three women must find their own ways, rather than those pushed by social media and the filters it puts on everyone’s lives, to finally achieve what they want.

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Max Crumm                                                                        Nate
Tiffany Engen                                                       Jake’s Mom
Jakeim Hart                                                                      Dylan
Diana Huey                                                                    Kartina
Kristolyn Lloyd                                                              Brenda
Sheri Sanders                                                        Nana Marie
Jae W.B.                                                                              Luna
Brinie Wallace                                                              Pacifica

Understudies: Jessie Alagna, Kathel Griffin

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