Morning's At Seven

Theater at St. Clement's Church

Previews Began: October 20, 2021

Opening Night: November 15, 2021

Closing Night: December 5, 2021

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Playwright: Paul Osborn

Four sisters who live near each other in a Midwestern suburb find their existence disrupted when one’s son wants to leave home to get married and another tells her husband she wants to live apart from the sister who shares a house with them.


Lindsay Crouse                                      Cora Swanson
Alma Cuervo                                                 Ida Bolton
Judith Ivey                                                   Arry Gibbs
Dan Lauria                                             Thor Swanson
Patty McCormack                             Esther Crampton
Tony Roberts                                      David Crampton
John Rubinstein                                          Carl Bolton
Keri Safran                                             Myrtle Brown
Jonathan Spivey                                      Homer Bolton

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