Mother Earth

Belasco Theatre

Previews Began: October 13, 1972

Opening Night: October 19, 1972

Closing Night: October 28, 1972

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Music: Andrew Lippa

Lyrics: Roger Ailes

Ray Golden

Ron Thronson

Book: Ron Thronson

This rock musical features songs and sketches dealing with man’s treatment of the environment.

Musical Numbers

Mother Earth
The Time of Our Life
Corn on the Macabre
Too Many Old Ideas
Room to Be Free
Rent a Robot
Plow It All Under
Taking the Easy Way Out
Talons of Time
Corn on the Macabre (Reprise)
Save the World for Children
Sail On Sweet Universe

Mater Terra
Ecology Waltz
Corn on the Macabre (Reprise)
Good Morning World
Tiger! Tiger!
Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Earth


Gail Boggs                                                     Performer
Frank T. Coombs                                          Performer
Kimberly Farr                                               Performer
Kelly Garrett                                                Performer
Will Jacobs                                                    Performer
Carol Kristy                                                  Performer
Laura Michaels                                             Performer
John Bennett Perry                                      Performer
Rick Podell                                                    Performer
Charlie J. Rodriguez                                     Performer

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