The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

New World Stages

Stage I

Previews Began: January 14, 2015

Opening Night: January 25, 2015

Closing Night: March 29, 2015

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Music: Jonathan Christenson

Lyrics: Jonathan Christenson

Book: Jonathan Christenson

A literary rock star of his day, Poe struggles with tragedy and addiction, poverty and loss, yet produces some of the world’s most original, visionary and enduring literature before dying in unexplained circumstances at the age of 40.

Musical Numbers

From the Beginning
The Family Poe (Part I)
The Death of Eliza
Fanny Allan Loved the Theatre
The House of Allan (Part I)
A Born Poet
Jock Allan’s Advice
The Death of Fanny Allan
A Dream Within a Dream

Edgar Meet Elmira
College Life
The House of Allan (Part II)
The Family Poe (Part II)
A Taunting Ray of Hope
The Raven
The Death of Sissy
No More of This Madness
We Are Your Nightmares


Gaelan Beatty                                               Henry Poe
Shannon Blanchet                                 Elmira Royster
Beth Graham                                               Rosalie Poe
                                                                    Fanny Allan
                                                                  Sissy Clemm
Ryan Parker                                          Rufus Griswold
Garett Ross                                                   David Poe
                                                                       Jock Allan
Scott Shpeley                                       Edgar Allan Poe
Linsie VanWinkle                                           Eliza Poe
                                                            Louise Gabriella
                                                               Muddy Clemm

Swing: Jennifer Byrne

Understudies: Stephen Cerf (David Poe, Jock Allan, Henry Poe), Rob Morrison (Edgar Allan Poe)

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