Alley Theatre

Houston, TX

Previews Began: June 2, 2022

Opening Night: June 9, 2022

Closing Night: July 3, 2022

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Music: Duncan Sheik

Lyrics: Kyle Jarrow

Book: Kyle Jarrow

Duncan Sheik

A heartbroken man never leaves his apartment, finding his only solace in the music on the radio. Then a couple moves in next door.  Eavesdropping becomes his new entertainment – and his new obsession.  Soon he finds himself drawn into a web of love, lies, deceit, and danger.

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Christy Altomare                                                           Scarlet
Adam Kantor                                                     The Neighbor
Morgan Marcell                                                         The Wife
David Guzman                                                    The Husband
Clifton Samuels                                                         The Boss
Voltaire Wade-Greene                                            The Goon
Sinclair Daniel                                                              The Kid

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