Noises Off

American Airlines Theatre

Previews Began: December 17, 2015

Opening Night: January 14, 2016

Closing Night: March 13, 2016

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Playwright: Michael Frayn

In Act I of Michael Frayn’s farce, a second-rate company of British actors is rehearsing a touring company of a terrible sex farce. Act II reveals the backstage chaos that takes place during a performance, and Act III follows the onstage performance in which everything goes wrong.


Andrea Martin                                           Dotty Otley
Campbell Scott                                          Lloyd Dallas
Tracee Chimo                             Poppy Norton-Taylor
Daniel Davis                                     Selsdon Mowbray
David Furr                                             Garry Lejeune
Kate Jennings Grant                                Belinda Blair
Megan Hilty                                           Brooke Ashton
Rob McClure                                             Tim Allgood
Jeremy Shamos                               Frederick Fellowes

Understudies: Bill Buell (Selsdon Mowbray), Jonathan Fielding (Frederick Fellowes, Tim Allgood), Meredith Forlenza (Brooke Ashton, Poppy Norton-Taylor), Pippa Pearthree (Dotty Otley, Belinda Blair)

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2001 Broadway Revival