Of Mice and Men

Longacre Theatre

Previews Began: March 19, 2014

Opening Night: April 16, 2014

Closing Night: July 27, 2014

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Playwright: John Steinbeck

Music: David Singer

Two migrant field hands, the average-looking but smart George and the strong but mentally challenged Lennie, find work on a farm in California during the Great Depression, seeing their dreams lead to tragedy when Lennie gets too close to the wife of the boss’s son, in John Steinbeck’s adaptation of his novel.


James Franco                                                     George
Chris O’Dowd                                                    Lennie
Leighton Meester                                   Curley’s Wife
Jim Norton                                                          Candy
Ron Cephas Jones                                              Crooks
Joel Marsh Garland                                          Carlson
James McMenamin                                               Whit
Alex Morf                                                            Curley
Jim Ortlieb                                                     The Boss
Jim Parrack                                                            Slim

Understudies: Michael Dempsey (George, Whit, Slim, Curley), Kevin Jackson (Crooks), Erica Lutz (Curley’s Wife), Stephen Payne (Candy, The Boss, Carlson)

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