Offal Endings

Theatre Row

Studio Theatre

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Opening Night: January 12, 2023

Closing Night: January 29, 2023

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Playwright: John Klemeyer

Ripped from headlines, imagining a near future where the commercialization of medicine has vastly expanded, organ replacement is advertised during baseball games, and even the suicide hotline has become a toothy, for-profit venture. Absurdly ensnared in this web of “health care,” life-weary Joshua and Mary must find a way to envision a brighter future while evading the fine print of a contract to which they have signed away their lives.


Georgia Buchanan                                                    Manager
Ali Hoffmann                                                                    Mary
Lydia Kelly                                                                       Cheryl
Jon McCormick                                                             Joshua
Celia Schaefer                                                          Counselor

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