Oh! Calcutta!

Eden Theatre

June 17, 1969 - February 21, 1971

Belasco Theatre

February 25, 1971 - August 12, 1972

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: June 17, 1969

Closing Night: August 12, 1972

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Music: Robert Dennis

Peter Schickele

Stanley Walden

Lyrics: Robert Dennis

Peter Schickele

Stanley Walden

Concept: Kenneth Tynan

A controversial avant-garde revue featuring sex-related sketches, the musical includes sketches by Samuel Beckett, John Lennon, Sam Shepard, Leonard Melfi, Edna O’Brien, Jules Feiffer, and other notables.

Musical Numbers

Act One

Taking Off the Robe (Oh! Calcutta!)
Dick and Jane
Suite for Five Letters
(Will Answer All) Sincere Replies
Painting of Clovis Trouille
Jack and Jill
Delicious Indignities (or The Deflowering of
 Helen Axminster)
Was It Good For You Too? (Green Pants, I Like the Look)

Act Two

Much Too Soon
One on One (Clarence and Mildred)
Rock Garden
Four in Hand
Coming Together, Going Together

Other Productions

1976 Broadway Revival