Oh Coward!

Helen Hayes Theatre

Previews Began: November 5, 1986

Opening Night: November 17, 1986

Closing Night: January 3, 1987

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Music: Noël Coward

Lyrics: Noël Coward

Roderick Cook conceives, directs and stars in this revue of songs, dramatic scenes and other excerpts from the writings of Noël Coward.

Musical Numbers

Act One

The Boy Actor
Something to Do with Spring
Bright Young People
Poor Little Rich Girl
Let’s Say Goodbye
This Is a Changing World
We Were Dancing
Dance Little Lady
Room with a View
Sail Away
London Is a Little Bit of All Right
The End of the News
The Stately Homes of England
London Pride
Auntie Jessie
Uncle Harry
Chase Me Charlie
Saturday Night at the Rose and Crown
Island of Bolamazoo
What Ho Mrs. Brisket!
Has Anybody Seen Our Ship?
Men About Town
Too Early or Too Late
Why Do the Wrong People Travel?
The Passenger’s Always Right

Act Two

The Party’s Over Now
Dance Little Lady (Reprise)
Three White Feathers
The Star
The Critic
The Elderly Actress
I Am No Good at Love
Sex Talk
A Question of Lighting
Mad About the Boy
Mrs. Wentworth-Brewster
Where Are the Songs We Sung?
Someday I’ll Find You
I’ll Follow My Secret Heart
If Love Were All
Play Orchestra Play
I’ll See You Again