Oh, Hello

On Broadway

Lyceum Theatre

Previews Began: September 23, 2016

Opening Night: October 10, 2016

Closing Night: January 22, 2017

Rated 0 out of 5
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Playwright: Nick Kroll

John Mulaney

Music: Drew Brody

Fresh off the success of their hit prank show Too Much Tuna, these two Alan Alda-obsessed Upper West Side bachelors are returning to their roots in New York theatre. Having wowed audiences with past theatrical works like True Upper West and the Annie Get Your Gun-inspired Bernie Goetz You Gun: A Non Musical Drama, Faizon and St. Geegland are back for a total victory lap and to premiere their new play We’re Us, You’re You, Let’s Talk.


Nick Kroll                                                      Gil Faizon
John Mulaney                              George St. Geegland