On Sugarland

New York Theatre Workshop

Previews Began: February 3, 2022

Opening Night: February 23, 2022

Closing Night: March 13, 2022

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Playwright: Aleshea Harris

Music: Starr Busby

Sugarland is on precarious soil—three mobile homes line a southern cul-de-sac replete with years and years of decorative folk-art treasures and keepsakes. Young Sadie calls on generations of matriarchal ancestors to find the truth about her mother while the denizens of Sugarland rise each day to holler for the dead—conscripted soldiers lost to a greedy war—in a ritual reclamation of timeless grief.


Stephanie Berry                                                 Evelyn
Thomas Walter Booker                               The Rowdy
Xavier Scott Evans                                      The Rowdy
Mister Fitzgerald                                        The Rowdy
Josh Fulton                                                  The Rowdy
Charisma Glasper                                       The Rowdy
Kai Heath                                                    The Rowdy
Mariyea J                                                     The Rowdy
Shemar Yanick Jonas                                  The Rowdy
Billy Eugene Jones                                                 Saul
KiKi Layne                                                            Sadie
Lizan Mitchell                                                      Tisha
Adeola Role                                                         Odella
Jacob Daniel Smith                                              Addis

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