Orpheus Descending

Polonsky Shakespeare Center

Previews Began: July 9, 2023

Opening Night: July 18, 2023

Closing Night: August 6, 2023

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Playwright: Tennessee Williams

It is steamy and lyrical, a love story and a tragedy, blending realism, expressionism and poetry, and tells the story of the passion of two outcasts—Lady Torrance, a storekeeper’s wife and daughter of a murdered Sicilian bootlegger and Val, a wandering guitar player—and their doomed attempt to escape from a Southern Hell. Set in a dry-goods store in the 1950s deep South, the play’s toxic brew of racist violence, bigotry, misogyny, provincialism, and sexual passion evokes an American past that unfortunately is not the past, and that seethes with hatred, savagery, and longing for liberation.


Pico Alexander
Molly Kate Babos
Michael Cullen
Matt DeAngelis
Gene Gillette
Laura Heisler
Prudence Wright Holmes
Brian Keane
Julia McDermott
Ana Reeder
Maggie Siff
Kate Skinner
Fiana Tóibín
James Waterston
Dathan B. Williams

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