Pal Joey

New York City Center

City Center Gala

Opening Night: November 1, 2023

Closing Night: November 5, 2023

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Music: Richard Rodgers

Lyrics: Lorenz Hart

Book: Daniel “Koa” Beaty

Richard LaGravenese

Nightclub singer Joey Evans has seen quite a few revisions to his character his first epistolary short stories for The New Yorker in the late 1930s. But in this brand-new adaptation, the character of Joey undergoes a complete transformation: he’s an artist. Joey is a Black jazz singer refusing to compromise on his craft and struggling to make it big his way, with his sound, despite Depression-Era racism on the Chicago nightclub circuit.

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Brooks Ashmanskas                                        Melvin Snyder
Loretta Devine                                               Lucille Wallace
Aisha Jackson                                                    Linda English
Elizabeth Stanley                                                Vera English
Ephraim Sykes                                                        Joey Evans
Krystina M. Burton                                      Spirit Ensemble
Marshall L. Davis Jr.                                    Spirit Ensemble
Dormeisha                                                     Spirit Ensemble
Savion Glover                                                Spirit Ensemble
Jarvis Manning                                             Spirit Ensemble
Brittany Nicole Parks                                  Spirit Ensemble
Mary Antonini                                                          Ensemble
Taylor Marie Daniel                                                Ensemble
Leandra Ellis-Gaston                                               Ensemble
Jodeci Milhouse                                                       Ensemble
NaTonia Monét                                                        Ensemble
Rory Shirley                                                              Ensemble
Allysa Shorte                                                             Ensemble


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