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Previews Began: September 24, 2022

Opening Night: October 11, 2022

Closing Night: November 6, 2022

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Playwright: Jiehae Park

A darkly comedic twist on Shakespeare’s Macbeth set in the cutthroat world of elite college admissions, this clever and incisive adaptation is a comedy…until it’s not. This new version of the classic story centers on M and L, twin Asian-American siblings who have given up everything to get into The College. When another classmate claims what they feel is rightfully “their spot,” the twins decide they have only one option: murder.


Marié Botha                                                               Dirty Girl
                                                                                  Preppy Girl
Anthony Cason                                                                      BF
Sasha Diamond                                                                       M
Benny Wayne Sully                                                                 D
Shannon Tyo                                                                             L

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