Jack Lawrence Theatre

Previews Began: September 20, 1984

Opening Night: September 25, 1984

Closing Night: October 14, 1984

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Music: Barbara Damashek

Lyrics: Barbara Damashek

Book: Barbara Damashek

Molly Newman

A pioneer woman and her daughters record the family’s hardships and joys in the exquisite quilts they make by hand, each quilt “block” commemorating an event in their lives.

Musical Numbers

Pieces of Lives
Rocky Road
Little Babes That Sleep All Night 
Thread the Needle
The Windmill Song
Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
The Butterfly
Pieces of Lives (Reprise)
Green, Green, Green
The Needle’s Eye

Hoedown (Traditional)
Quiltin’ and Dreamin’
Pieces of Lives (Reprise)
Every Log in My House
Land Where We’ll Never Grow Old
Who Will Count the Stitches?
The Lord Don’t Rain Down Manna
Everything Has a Time
Hands Around


Evalyn Baron                                                  Daughter
Marjorie Berman                                           Daughter
Emily Knapp Chatfield                  Musician Daughter
Alma Cuervo                                                  Daughter
Melanie Sue Harby                        Musician Daughter
John S. Lionarons                                    Musician Son
Lynn Lobban                                                  Daughter
Rosemary McNamara                                    Daughter
Jennifer Parsons                                            Daughter
Lenka Peterson                                                    Sarah
Joseph A. Waterkotte                              Musician Son
Catherine Way                               Musician Daughter

Understudies: Eda Seasongood (Sarah, Daughter)