Really Rosie

New York City Center


Opening Night: August 2, 2017

Closing Night: August 5, 2017

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Music: Carole King

Lyrics: Maurice Sendak

Book: Maurice Sendak

Rosie, the sassiest kid on her block of Brooklyn’s Avenue P, entertains herself and her friends by acting out showbiz fantasies, notably directing and starring in an Oscar-winning movie.

Really Rosie
One Was Johnny
Alligators All Around
Screaming and Yelling
The Ballad of Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup with Rice
Avenue P
My Simple Humble Neighborhood
The Awful Truth
Such Sufferin’
Really Rosie” (Reprise)


Eduardo Hernandez                                           Pierre
Zell Steele Morrow                                Chicken Soup
Taylor Caldwell                                                   Rosie
Kenneth Cabral                                              Alligator
Ruth Righi                                                           Kathy
Anthony Rosenthal                                           Johnny
Ayodele Casel                                 Neighborhood Kid
Jaiya Chetram                                 Neighborhood Kid
Nicole Wildy                                   Neighborhood Kid
Swayam Bhatia                               Neighborhood Kid
Nanyellin Liriano                            Neighborhood Kid
Chris Lopes                                    Neighborhood Kid
Zell Steele Morrow                         Neighborhood Kid
Charlie Pollock                                  Adult Performer

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