Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre

La Jolla, CA

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: February 2024

Closing Night: March 2024

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Music: Kate Diaz

Lyrics: Kate Diaz

Tina Landau

Book: Tina Landau

Jesse is a successful businesswoman, mother and wife. She seems to have it all, but inside, her heart is broken. Finding herself at a turning point, Jesse leaves everyone and everything behind, gets in her car and drives… and drives. Thousands of miles later, she hits the ancient forests of Northern California, where a chance meeting and a leap of faith change her life forever. In the presence of the magnificent, towering redwoods, Jesse finds strange and powerful connections, an unexpected sense of community, and a chance at healing.

Coming Soon


Idina Menzel                                                                     Jesse

Additional Casting Coming Soon

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