Saw the Musical:

The Unauthorized Parody of Saw

Theater Center

Jerry Orbach Theater

Previews Began: September 16, 2023

Opening Night: October 1, 2023

Closing Night: June 23, 2024

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Music: Anthony De Angelis

Patrick Spencer

Lyrics: Anthony De Angelis

Patrick Spencer

Book: Ann Jordan

Conrad Birdie has been drafted to the army. As a farewell, the rock and roll star is scheduled to sing Albert Peterson’s “One Last Kiss” and kiss a girl from Sweet Apple, Ohio live on the Ed Sullivan Show. However, Conrad’s hip-thrusting makes more than one man in town uncomfortable, many of whom attempt to stop the show from happening. Meanwhile, Rosie wonders if Alfred, for whom she does everything, will ever leave his mother’s shadow. – Broadway Musical Home

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Bart Shatto                                                             Dr. Gordon
Jill Owen                                                                      Amanda
Adam Parbhoo                                                                 Adam
Donnell Johnson                                     Voice of Det. Tapp

Swing: Danny Durr, Gabrielle Goodman

Understudies: Patrick Voss Davis (Dr. Gordon/Zepp), James Lynch (Adam/Diana), Jessica Morilak (Amanda/Jigsaw/Alison), Thomas Skea (Adam/Diana), Morgan Traud (Amanda/Jigsaw/Alison)

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