Scotland, PA

Laura Pels Theatre

Previews Began: September 14, 2019

Opening Night: October 15, 2019

Closing Night: December 8, 2019

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Music: Adam Gwon

Lyrics: Adam Gwon

Book: Michael Mitnick

In Scotland, PA, revenge is a dish best served with fries. This deliciously dark new musical comedy, based on the cult film (and the bard’s Macbeth), springs to life in a sleepy Pennsylvania town (population 1,203—and dropping), where a burger-joint manager and his wife cook up a plan to super-size their lives. As their ambitions grow and the bodies fall, the couple finds out just how far they’ll go for a taste of the oh-so-tempting American dream.


Jeb Brown                                                         Duncan
Jay Armstrong Johnson                                       Banko
Taylor Iman Jones                                                    Pat
Lacretta                                                      Mrs. Lenox
Megan Lawrence                                       Peg McDuff
Ryan McCartan                                                      Mac
William Meyers                                               Malcolm
Wonu Ogunfowora                                             Stacey
David Rossmer                                                     Doug
Alysha Umphress                                                 Jessie
Kaleb Wells                                                        Hector

Understudies: Heather Ayers (Peg McDuff/Mrs. Lennox) Jimmy Brewer (Mac/Hector), Evan Daves (Malcom/Bert/Hector), Deven May (Duncan/Ray/Doug/Andy/Gary), Alanna Saunders (Pat/Jessie/Stacey)