Side By Side By Sondheim

Music Box Theatre

April 18, 1977 - February 19, 1978

Morosco Theatre

February 22, 1978 - March 19, 1978

Previews Began: April 13, 1977

Opening Night: April 18, 1977

Closing Night: March 19, 1978

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Music: Stephen Sondheim

Multiple Artists

Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Three singers and a narrator perform the songs of Stephen Sondheim in this musical revue.

Musical Numbers

Comedy Tonight
Love Is in the Air
If Momma Was Married
You Must Meet My Wife
The Little Things You Do Together
Getting Married Today
I Remember
Can That Boy Foxtrot
Another Hundred People
Marry Me a Little
I Never Do Anything Twice
Bring on the Girls
Ah, Paree!
Buddy’s Blues
Broadway Baby
You Could Drive a Person Crazy

Everybody Says Don’t
Anyone Can Whistle
Send in the Clowns
We’re Gonna Be All Right
A Boy Like That/ I Have a Love
The Boy From…
Pretty Lady
You Gotta Have a Gimmick
Losing My Mind
Could I Leave You?
I’m Still Here
Conversation Piece
Side By Side By Side


David Kernan                                               Performer
Millicent Martin                                           Performer
Fernanda Maschwitz                                    Performer
Julie N. McKenzie                                        Performer
Ned Sherrin                                                  Performer

Standby: Jack Blackton (Performer), Bonnie Schon (Performer), Carol Swarbrick (Performer)

Jack Blackton                                                Performer
                                                 2/17/78 – 3/19/78
Georgia Brown                                             Performer
                                               10/18/77 – 2/16/78
Nancy Dussault                                            Performer
                                                9/20/77 – 3/19/78
Hermione Gingold                                        Performer
                                               10/18/77 – 2/26/78
Larry Kert                                                     Performer
                                                  8/2/77 – 2/16/78
Bonnie Schon                                               Performer
                                               9/13/77 – 10/16/77
Carol Swarbrick                                            Performer
                                                 2/17/78 – 3/19/78
Burr Tillstrom                                               Performer
                                                2/28/78 – 3/19/78