Simon and His Shoes

The Tank

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Opening Night: October 1, 2022

Closing Night: October 30, 2022

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Music: Stephanie Singer

Lyrics: Laurel Haines

Book: Laurel Haines

Stephanie Singer

What do you do when your shoes walk out on you? Simon and His Shoes is an original shoes-ical about a pair of shoes, Bud & Beedle, who walk out on their owner, Simon, because he doesn’t wear them, and he never even leaves the house. Simon chases after his shoes with the help of his younger sister Izzy. Follow these characters on an adventure of a lifetime taking them from their ordinary lives into a world of larger-than-life characters and increasingly bizarre and surreal situations. Simon could never have guessed, but his runaway shoes might be the best thing that ever happened to him.

My Life’s a Joke
We’re Outta Here
Something Amazing
Death Is Art
Go Outside
Everything Is Replaceable
One Step
We’ll Find Our Feet
Are You Dead or Alive?
Susan’s Going to Put You to Good Use
Don’t Wanna Be in a Box
Susan’s Ahhria
I’ve Got My Shoes


Sammy Pignalosa                                                           Simon
Madelyn Robinson                                                          Susan
Christian McQueen                                                Performer
Steph Singer                                                            Performer
Nadine Wild-Palmer                                              Performer
Gretchen Wylder                                                    Performer
Mery Cheung                                                          Puppeteer
Julia Darden                                                            Puppeteer
Sadie Jayne Kennedy                                            Puppeteer
Layla Khoshnoudi                                                  Puppeteer
Christina Rodriguez                                              Puppeteer

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