Ritz Theatre

Previews Began: December 23, 1970

Opening Night: January 12, 1971

Closing Night: January 13, 1971

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Music: Scott Fagan

J. M. Kookoolis

Lyrics: Scott Fagan

Book by: Martin Duberman

A group of rock musicians come to New York and discover the joys and pains of success.

Musical Numbers

Let the World Begin Again
In Your Hands
I See the Light/ Gentle Sighs
Roll Out the Morning
Everybody’s Running
Henry Is Where It’s At
Music, Music
Glad to Know Ya
Rita Cheeta
Henry’s Dream Theme
To Touch the Sky
Everybody’s Running (Reprise)
Marketing, Marketing
Sweet Henry Loves You
One More Time

Faces, Names and Places
Annie’s Thing
Doing the High
Country Store Living
What’s Gonna Happen to Me
On the Charts
So Much That I Know
Child of Sympathy
Doing the High (Reprise)
It Won’t Be Long


Peter Allen                                                          Henry
Dennis Belline                                        Wilson Wilson
Barry Bostwick                                                      Kelly
Pendleton Brown                          Psychedelic Necktie
Angus Cairns                    Record Company Executive
Joseph Campbell                                          Butler Neil
Nell Carter                                                         Sharon
Paul Eichel                        Record Company Executive
Leata Galloway                                                      Faith
Richard Gere                                                    Michael
Marta Heflin                                                        Annie
Del Hinkley                       Record Company Executive
Michael Jason                                        Henry’s Friend
Tony Middleton                                           Songwriter
John C. Nelson                                      Henry’s Friend
Pamela Pentony                                                      Rita
Marion Ramsey                                                     Hope
Vicki Sue Robinson                                            Charity
Larry Spinelli                    Record Company Executive
Singer Williams                                     Henry’s Friend