Space Dogs

The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space

Susan and Ronald Frankel Theater

Previews Began: January 25, 2022

Opening Night: February 13, 2022

Closing Night: March 20, 2022

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Music: Nick Blaemire

Van Hughes

Lyrics: Nick Blaemire

Van Hughes

Book: Nick Blaemire

Van Hughes

The heartbreaking, mind-blowing true story of Laika and the Chief Designer — a stray dog and the top-secret Russian scientist who sent her to space during the Cold War. A sweeping, kaleidoscopic tale of invention, betrayal, international political intrigue, and the immortal friendship that exists between man and dog, as they journey together to the stars.

The Space Dogs of the Cosmodrome
If I Start A Race
A Brief History of Dogs
Getting Me High
Blessed By Two Great Oceans
Fill the Void I
A Russian Canine Beauty Pageant
Werner Von Braun
Babies to Time
Ahead in the Van
Fuzziest Loneliest
Byelka Strelka
Fill The Void II
Space Opera


Nick Blaemire                                               Performer
Van Hughes                                                  Performer

Understudies: Noah Keiserman

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