Summer Stock

Goodspeed Opera House

East Haddam, CT

Previews Began: July 7, 2023

Opening Night: July 26, 2023

Closing Night: August 27, 2023

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Music: Harold Arlen

Gene DePaul

Harry Warren

Lyrics: Jack Brooks

E.Y. Harburg

Ted Koeler

Leo Robin

Saul Chaplin

Mack Gordon

Johnny Mercer

Billy Rose

Book: Cheri Steinkellner

Forget your troubles — come on, get happy! The tradition of turning a barn into a theater finds fertile new ground in a joyous world premiere inspired by the classic Judy Garland-Gene Kelly musical. When stage-struck Abigail invites fellow troupers to the family farm with the idea of putting on a show, her practical sister Jane is stubborn as a mule. The land needs work — and workers. Sisterhood, budding romance and a Broadway-bound musical are all at risk. But there’s nothing like the sunshine of hits from the American songbook to chase all your cares away!

Get Happy
It Had to Be You
It’s Only a Paper Moon
Me and My Shadow
Accentuate the Positive
You, Wonderful You
Happy Days Are Here Again
I’m Always Chasing Rainbows
I Want to Be Happy
(Howdy Neighbor) Happy Harvest
Till We Meet Again
The Best Things in Life Are Free
Dig Dig Dig Dig for You Dinner
Red Hot Mama
It All Depends on You
Everybody Step
How ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm


Danielle Wade                                                    Jane Falbury
Corbin Bleu                                                                 Joe Ross
Arianna Rosario                                               Gloria Falbury
Gilbert L. Bailey II                                               Phil Filmore
Stephen Lee Anderson                 Lt. Henry (Pop) Falbury
Veanne Cox                                               Margaret Wingate
Will Roland                                                    Orville Wingate
J. Anthony Crane                                   Montgomery Leach
Erika Amato                                                              Ensemble
Hannah Balagot                                                       Ensemble
DeShawn Travis Bowens                                         Ensemble
Ronnie S. Bowman Jr.                                             Ensemble
Emily Kelly                                                                Ensemble
Francesca M. Mancuso                                           Ensemble
Tommy Martinez                                                      Ensemble
Corinne Munsch                                                       Ensemble
Gregory North                                                          Ensemble
Kaylee Olson                                                             Ensemble
Jack Sippel                                                                Ensemble
Cayel Tregeagle                                                        Ensemble

Swings: Nicholas Cunha, Kennedy Perez

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