Sunset Boulevard

Palace Theatre

Previews Began: February 2, 2017

Opening Night: February 9, 2017

Closing Night: June 25, 2017

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Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics: Don Black

Christopher Hampton

Book: Don Black

Christopher Hampton

In Hollywood in 1949, down-on-his-luck screenwriter Joe Gillis encounters Norma Desmond, the one-time silent film star who fell out of popularity when “talkies” took over. The delusional ex-celebrity speaks of a play she’s written to be her next project, and desperate for an opportunity, Joe offers to edit it in exchange for room and board. When Norma falls in love with Joe, he becomes caught between her and the girl he loves, Betty, and an awkward situation becomes complex and dangerous.


Let Me Have You Back
Let’s Have Lunch
Betty’s Pitch
Car Chase
No More Wars
Once Upon a Time
With One Look
The Greatest Star Of All
Schwab’s Drugstore
Girl Meets Boy
I Started Work
New Ways to Dream
The Lady’s Paying
New Year Tango
The Perfect Year
I Had to Get Out
This Time Next Year
Auld Lang Syne

Sunset Boulevard
There’s Been a Call
It Took Her Three Days
Norma in the Studio
As If We Never Said Goodbye
Paramount Conversations
Was That Really Norma Desmond?
Girl Meets Boy (Reprise)
A Little Suffering
I Should Have Stayed There
Too Much In Love To Care
New Ways to Dream (Reprise)
The Phone Call
What’s Going On, Joe?


Glenn Close                                                  Norma Desmond
Siobhan Dillon                                               Betty Schaeffer
Fred Johanson                                        Max von Mayerling
Michael Xavier                                                           Joe Gillis
Nancy Anderson                                                       Ensemble
Mackenzie Bell                                                         Ensemble
Preston Truman Boyd                                         Artie Green
Barry Busby                                                              Ensemble
Britney Coleman                                                      Ensemble
Julian R. Decker                                                       Ensemble
Anissa Felix                                                               Ensemble
Drew Foster                                                               Ensemble
David Hess                                                                 Ensemble
Brittney Johnson                                                     Ensemble
Katie Ladner                                                             Ensemble
Stephanie Martignetti                                           Ensemble
Lauralyn McClelland                                               Ensemble
T. Oliver Reid                                                            Ensemble
Lance Roberts                                                           Ensemble
Stephanie Rothenberg                                           Ensemble
Graham Rowat                                                          Ensemble
Paul Schoeffler                                             Cecil B. DeMille
Andy Taylor                                                               Sheldrake
Sean Thompson                                                       Ensemble
Matt Wall                                                                  Ensemble
Jim Walton                                                                  Manfred

Swings: Mackenzie Bell, Barry Busby


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