Swept Away


Berkeley, CA

Previews Began: January 9, 2022

Opening Night: January 20, 2022

Closing Night: March 6, 2022

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Music: The Avett Brothers

Lyrics: The Avett Brothers

Book: John Logan

1888, off the coast of New Bedford, MA. When a violent storm sinks their whaling ship, the four surviving souls—a young man in search of adventure, his big brother who has sworn to protect him, a captain at the end of a long career at sea, and a worldly first mate who has fallen from grace—each face a reckoning: How far will I go to stay alive? And can I live with the consequences?

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Wayne Duvall                                                   Captain
Adrian Blake Enscoe                               Little Brother
Taurean Everett                                            Ensemble
John Gallagher, Jr.                                                Mate
Cameron Johnson                                          Ensemble
Stark Sands                                                Big Brother
Vishal Vaidya                                                 Ensemble
Jacob Keith Watson                                      Ensemble

Swing: Ben Toomer

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