Tales From The Guttenberg Bible

The Arthur Laurents Theater

New Brunswick, NJ

Previews Began: April 25, 2023

Opening Night: April 28, 2023

Closing Night: May 21, 2023

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Playwright: Steve Guttenberg

The show features more than 90 characters as portrayed by five actors. Through the piece Guttenberg recounts his life, beginning with his childhood in Long Island, to the glamor of Hollywood, resulting in his starring roles in Three Men and a Baby, Police Academy, and Cocoon.


Steve Guttenberg                                                            Steve
Carine Montbertrand                                                  Actor 1
Dan Domingues                                                            Actor 2
Arnie Burton                                                                  Actor 3

Understudies: Laura Jordan (Actor 1), Christopher Patrick Mullen (Actor 2/Actor 3)

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