That Championship Season

Booth Theatre

Previews Began: September 11, 1972

Opening Night: September 14, 1972

Closing Night: April 21, 1974

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Playwright: Jason Miller

On the 20th anniversary of their victory in the Pennsylvania state championship game, four members of the starting lineup of a Catholic high school basketball team have gathered to celebrate. This reunion may be their last chance to reminisce with each other, due to their Coach’s illness. None of the men’s lives have turned out as any of them had hoped; on some level, all still look to the Coach for guidance.


Charles Durning                                George Sikowski
Richard A. Dysart                                               Coach
Walter McGinn                                           Tom Daley
Michael McGuire                                      James Daley
Jason Miller                     Basketball Game Announcer
Paul Sorvino                                              Phil Romano

Understudies: Joe Mascolo (Phil Romano), Ron McClarty (George Sikowski), Bernie McInerney (James Daley, Tom Daley)

Harry Bellaver                                                     Coach

Carmine Caridi                                         Phil Romano

Pat Hingle                                                           Coach

Joseph Mascolo                                         Phil Romano

Peter Masterson                                          Tom Daley

Richard McKenzie                             George Sikowski

Nicholas Pryor                                          James Daley

M. Emmet Walsh                               George Sikowski

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