That Physics Show

Theatre 555

Previews Began: February 26, 2016

Opening Night: March 9, 2016

Closing Night: December 31, 2017

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Creator: David Maiullo

Lifetime professional physics demonstrator David Maiullo brings his scientific “magic” from the world of physics to the off-Broadway stage! Based on the hundreds of physics experiments that are presented at physics conferences and in classrooms across the country, featuring segments on motion, momentum, vacuum, friction, energy, density, fluid motion, sound waves and sound vibration, light waves, temperature and many more from the world in which we live, a world controlled by physics.


Dave Maiullo                                                                Creator
David Bunshaft                                                         Assistant
Kelsey Lane Dies                                                       Assistant
Jack Herholdt                                                            Assistant

Understudies: Andrew Yolleck


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