The Beautiful Lady

La MaMa

Previews Began: May 5, 2023

Opening Night: May 8, 2023

Closing Night: May 28, 2023

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Music: Elizabeth Swados

Lyrics: Elizabeth Swados

Book: Jocelyn Clarke

Translation: Paul Schmidt

Set in the historic Stray Dog café in St. Petersburg, Russia, This Beautiful Lady explores “the power of art and the delicate nature of free speech.” The café was a popular meeting spot for poets, writers, performers, and other artists between 1911 and 1915. There they pushed the boundaries of art and language as part of a revolution that would eventually turn on them. The actors will portray real figures from the era.

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Starr Busby                                                          Boris Pronin
Kate Fuglei                                                  Anna Akhmatova
Tom Nelis                                                 Velimir Khlebnikov
Andrew Polec                                                     Sergei Ysenin
Henry Stram                                               Osip Mandelstam
Ashley Pérez Flanagan                            Marina Tsvetaeva
George Abud                                                   Alexander Blok
Djoré Nance                                         Vladimir Mayakovsky
Paula Gaudier                                                           Ensemble
Red Guhde                                                                 Ensemble
Jacob Louchheim                                                     Ensemble
Maya Sharpe                                                             Ensemble

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