The Big Bang Theory:

A Pop-Rock Musical Parody

Jerry Orbach Theater

The Theater Center

Previews Began: February 28, 2019

Opening Night: March 7, 2019

Closing Night: May 26, 2019

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Music: Karlan Judd

Lyrics: Karlan Judd

Book: Karlan Judd

This new musical follows The Big Bang Theory’s charming group of friends who have spent 12 years finding love and experimenting with space-age theory until their lives are turned upside down by their favorite Star Trek character come to life.


Hannah Bonnett                                         Bernadette
Isaac Calvin                                      Howard Wolowitz
Brandon Delsid                             Rajesh Koothrappali
Teresa Hui                                     Amy Farrah-Fowler
John McGowan                                    Sheldon Cooper
Meagan Michelson                               Star Trek’s “Q”
Kevin Stevens                               Leonard Hofstadter
Bailey McCall                                        Thomas Penny

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