The Bottoming Process

Los Angeles LGBT Center

Los Angeles, CA

Previews Began: May 13, 2023

Opening Night: May 18, 2023

Closing Night: June 12, 2023

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Playwright: Nicholas Pilapil

A dark comedy about two writers who meet and fall in love — or something like it. One is a famed novelist, and the other is a nobody who’s mostly funny on Twitter. One is nearing middle age, and the other is flailing through their twenties. One is White, and the other is definitely Not. As they mate, date and cohabitate, they grapple with issues of race, sex, power and the model minority myth, all to find out who’s really on top.


George Salazar                                                                   Milo
Rick Cosnett                                                                       John
Anisha Adusumilli                                                        Charlie
Julia Cho                                                                            Rosie
Ty Molbak                                                                       Others

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